Bring sport to your company

Hexeko offers a platform that enables your employees to book sports activities alone or with colleagues

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How does it work?

Contact us to enhance your employee engagement and productivity! Hexeko takes care of providing you with an extensive network of clubs partners and sporting events across the country.

You define both the budget allocated to sport and the timeslots in which your employees can enjoy it. Team sports or individual sessions, let your employees choose the activities they prefer.

Each employee gets a personal account to manage his sports activities. We centralize all requests, bookings and reportings.

Multiple benefits

Boosting self-confidence and sociability. Sport activity strengthens cohesion and team spirit!

Increasing concentration and productivity. Sport motivates and reduces employees stress.

Improving health and well-being! Physical activity reduces absenteeism and preserves the health of your employees.

Getting the best prices in all our sports clubs. We negotiate the best rates.

Receiving a single bill. We manage all payments with all our partners!

Enhancing your corporate image. Attracting and retaining your best talents.

Some of our partners

  • Partner: Decathlon
  • Partner: Ormit
  • Partner: BePark
  • Partner: Wooclap


We strongly believe that sport is the best way to create a healthy and enjoyable work environment where your employees feel motivated and productive! Do not hesitate to contact us, our team will be delighted to answer your request.

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